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Announcement of airport Bus Tokyo, Narita Tokyo Station ride method change (targeted for customer of ride in cash)

 Thank you very much for always using airport Bus Tokyo, Narita.
 In airport Bus Tokyo, Narita (TYO-NRT), ride method of customer using for "cash" from Tokyo Station is changed this time.
 I apologize for the inconvenience, but we would appreciate your understanding, cooperation.

1.Conduct Sun

 Monday, March 1, 2021

2.Contents for change

 Come to bus stop after purchasing ticket before ride on ride for "cash" from Tokyo Station after 3/1 at "Tokyo Station JR Expressway Bus ticket office".
※In addition, in the case of the use, customer of ride come to Platform 7 by each flight (at Tokyo Station 5:00, at 5:30, at 6:00) departing in outside hours of Tokyo Station JR Expressway Bus ticket office directly in cash, too.

●Customer of chip card goes so far, and come to Platform 7 directly.

[important news]
※We perform Fares revision to 3/1. For more information:

<service manager> JR Bus Kanto bii toransehorudingusu Keisei Bus