Ticket Guide | Information on how to purchase a ticket.

Student Discount

When student of school with the location in the corporation travels in Japan, reduced fare is applied to Student Discount.

Please confirm applied line, section and Fares in page of each line of digital timetable.

※In the case of Reservation, the purchase (including the purchase in Expressway Bus net), the presentation of "student identification card" (student handbook) is necessary at the time of ride in Student Discount Fares by all means. When you cannot show certificate, please note that it becomes normal Fares.

Buy; about request

When you want, please show student identification card (student handbook) to person in charge in JR Bus window (Tokyo Station), Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal and the Bus inside of car.

When you want at window of travel agency, you fill out, and, in the case of the purchase, please submit matter necessary for "identification of student, student passenger fare Discount" (common with railroad) to issue at school. In addition, we can purchase round-trip ticket with identification of one piece of Discount when you buy roundtrip at the same time.


  • Round-trip fares become double of the amount of one-way Student Discount Fares (Round Trip Discount and double Discount with other Discount tickets are not applied)
  • In the round-trip effective days, Tomei Expressway highway Bus is six days. Please confirm other lines in fare table of mention in digital timetable.
  • Please carry student identification card (student handbook) without forgetting on ride in purchase of ticket and Bus.