Ticket Guide | Information on how to purchase a ticket.

Person with a disability Discount

Person with a physical disability, mentally-disabled person Discount

Fares is usually 50% off (less than 10 yen rounding off), and, in having "certificate of the physically disabled" or "nursing notebook", passenger rail company Fares Discount column becomes of "the first kind" or "the second kind".
Of these, in of "the first kind", one care giver (limited to the use of the flight and the section) is 50%% off.

Mental patient Discount

Application line

・"Ginza, Tokyo - Narita Airport Line"

  Person having mental patient health welfare notebook (the first grade, the second grade, the third grade) is 50%% off, one care giver

 (limited to the use of the flight and the section) is 50%% off, too.

・General Local Bus in Fukushima

 As for the person having mental disorder welfare notebook, Fares becomes at half price only for the person.
 Please show notebook to crew at the time of Fares payment (less than 10 yen round off).

About the use with wheelchair

Wheelchair photograph

On some lines, we introduce vehicle for barrier-free.

Please connect with Expressway Bus guidance center beforehand. It will travel by corresponding vehicle as possible.

In addition, in the case of line that does not introduce vehicle for barrier-free, please contact Expressway Bus guidance centers beforehand. We help with arrangement of Seat which it is easy to use and ride.

In addition, in the case of Bus which does not support barrier-free, please use wheelchair by folding.

For more details, please see page to "customer using wheelchair".