Ticket Guide | Information on how to purchase a ticket.

Ticket Exchange

We change the expiration date (when come over to motor carrier window as for the Bus of seat reservation system before the departure time of appointed Bus) without fee only for once before beginning to use. As ticket becomes invalid when it is past train time, please be careful.

Please purchase newly after change refunded in the case of the second once. It costs predetermined refund fee on this occasion.

※Discount tickets such as "Hayauri" "profit advantageous percent" do not do the handling of change. For any changes, they have to be refunded and repurchased.

※That sit on line; cannot change. (e.g.,: change to Shinjuku - Kusatsu Onsen → Shinjuku - Nasu-Onsen.)

※About ticket which did the credit settlement in Expressway Bus net site, change is possible from site to three times.

Ticket which he/she purchased at window of motor carrier and travel agency

We handle at window of motor carrier which you bought or travel agency.

*We cannot change ticket (ticket that the back side does not become magnetic) which we purchased in motor carrier in green window, travel agency.

Ticket which did the credit settlement in Expressway Bus net site

Change from Expressway Bus net site is possible with Mobile phone and PC in you until two hours before the departure time of the first bus stop (to three times no fee). We can change member menu from "change of purchase contents" to Expressway Bus net after the login.
In the case of less than two hours, come to motor carrier window directly.

※The time when we can change has line ten minutes before train time. For more information:

 As there is the case handling not to be able to do by the following, please confirm

■As you cannot change in the case of next, take Reservation after cancellation newly once.
 (cancellation costs predetermined fee about 1 ostensible reason. List of refund fees
 ・We change one-way ticket to Round Trip Discount ticket (addition of outward trip)
 ・We change Round Trip Discount ticket to one-way ticket (cancellation of outward trip)
 ・Change (we, e.g., change Joshu yumeguri (Shinjuku - Kusatsu Onsen) in Boso rape (Tokyo - Tateyama)) of line
 ・Flag, outbound change (e.g.,: with ticket of Shinjuku → Kusatsu Onsen Kusatsu Onsen → Shinjuku)
■As you cannot change in Expressway Bus net site, in the case of next, come to handling window
 ・When we change "only burr" of Round Trip Discount, and using expense including change of number of people is changed
■Change at window
 Change at window becomes only once, and Online Discount becomes non-application.
 In addition, after the change at window in Expressway Bus net site cannot change.
■Modifiable time
 Please perform change in Expressway Bus net site within two hours before the first bus stop train time of Bus which you have already purchased.
 In addition, to Internet Bus which could purchase, and was over in (two hours ago ... 30 minutes ago of the first bus stop departure) at time set every line cannot change.

Ticket which he/she purchased in each station of JR and travel bureau of JR

We handle at each station of JR of neighborhood and window of tourist bureau of JR. (ticket that the back side becomes magnetic)

Ticket which he/she purchased by convenience store (well net), the Suica net settlement

Ticket which was paid in Convenience Store or the Suica net settlement after Expressway Bus net Reservation, the Telephone Reservation over Convenience Store store, telephone cannot change. Come to motor carrier window directly by the departure time listed in this vote.

※Tickets which we cannot change such as Hayauri tickets become refund once.

Ticket which he/she purchased at Internet or convenience store (JTBHTA) except Expressway Bus net

As you are different, in the case of the net settlement, please confirm in site that you purchased in each site. In the case of Convenience Store ticket with indication of "JTBHTA", ride change is not possible in ride face of a bill. You cancel in JTBHTA sale center, and please purchase again. We handle at JR Expressway Bus terminal convenience store and cannot do it.

JTBHTA sale center: 03-5796-6009 (from 6:00 to 23:00)