Ticket Guide | Information on how to purchase a ticket.

[Adult] [Child]

Division of [adult] and [child] is as follows.

[adult] = 12 years old or older (even as for 12 years old as for the primary schoolchild is [child])

[child] under = 6 years old - 12 years old (even as for 6 years old before elementary school entrance to school is [infant])

[infant] under = 1 year old - 6 years old

[baby] under = 1 year old

Fares of [child]

It is half price of Fares of "adult". But we round off fractions and above to the next whole number by 10 yen unit.

Fares of [infant]

Free ※But, in the case of next, ticket of [child] is Necessary.

  • [adult] when or [child] the number of [infant] accompanied by by one surpasses one
    (ticket of [child] is Necessary from the second)
  • When [infant] occupies Seat
  • When [infant] travels alone

Fares of [baby]