FAQ | About common question to inquire.

You use for the first time, but please tell flow until ride

Thank you for your patronage. For more information, look here.

You use for the first time, but please tell the time and Fares.

Thank you for your patronage. For more details, please confirm with digital timetable

Can you use chip cards such as Suica or PASMO in Expressway Bus?

You can use chip card at the time of payment in the car now on 9 lines of place of (June, 2016), Hakone Line, horse chestnut tree Shinjuku, Tokyo, Honjo, Isesaki Line, Sosa line, Hasaki line, Kashima Line, Tokyo Skytree line, Narita Airport Line, Tsukuba line.

In addition, charge is possible to upper limit 5,000 yen in the inside of car. Available line will increase sequentially. We guide on this occasion on homepage.

When we do not know whether Bus moves by typhoon or heavy snow, where should we confirm?

It becomes this.

Bus which settled WEB in Expressway Bus net was suspended by typhoon or heavy snow. What happens to going, return and ticket which settled an account with one-way ticket?

Please confirm about automatic refund service at the time of suspension of Expressway Bus net member here.

Where are ticket office and Bus platform of Tokyo Station?

It becomes this.

Where are ticket office and Bus platform of Shinjuku Station?

It becomes this.

We do not know the position of bus stop.

Excuse me, but you have you search from this, and please confirm.

Is Bus departing from Tokyo Station, Shinjuku Station place that arrival has the same?

As the Yaesu south exit, arrival are Nihonbashi Exit, as for the Tokyo Station, departure, please be careful.

Shinjuku Station departs, and arrival becomes Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal together.

What does service at the time of arrival have?

There is guidance with Tokyo Station, Shinjuku Station here. Please confirm.

We want to change ticket which we purchased...

Detailed Information is right here. Please confirm.

How many days can you purchase ticket for?

Detailed Information is right here. Please confirm.

When we leave house, we surely had ticket, but I cannot see. How?

I'm sorry, but it should be handling like case that has lost ticket. Detailed Information is right here. Please confirm.

It is student, is there Discount?

Detailed Information is right here. Please confirm.

We commute and are going to use Expressway Bus. Will there be Round Trip Discount?

We do the handling of Round Trip Discount on some lines. As the amount of validity, release varies according to sections, I am sorry to trouble you, but please confirm than digital timetable.

We heard that there was Hayauri. On which line, can I buy anytime?

You can confirm line where Hayauri is applied to with digital timetable.

Hayauri ticket is 10:00 one day ago for one monthWe start release more and we reckon from ride Sun and release with a limitation of the number of seats until the date of number of "Hayauri ○".

※Please confirm here on specific sale date and sale date of specific line.

Is there limit in baggage to be able to bring in in Bus?

Detailed Information is right here. Please confirm.

Can we get on Expressway Bus with pet?

Only for diurnal flight, the sum of length, side, height can bring in pet (puppy, kitten, small bird) which was able to enter storage case within 90 centimeters in the inside of car.

In addition, cry, bad smell, storage case nominate during service and may have you stop over when other customers come to trouble. We do not refund ticket when it was stopped over.

But service dogs such as guide dogs can take regardless of diurnal flight, redeye special.

In addition, about other companies and line traveling jointly, it may become the handling only for our service service.

Does all the Bus JR Bus appearing from Tokyo Station and Shinjuku Station travel?

As you may be doing plural motor carriers and [joint service] depending on line, please be careful on ride.

Are there facilities of vending machine and drink in Bus?

There are none. Drinks, please take after request beforehand.

After guidance of Expressway Bus guidance center, overwhelmed * button and number, but "input number was not recognizable. It becomes saying we return to menu.

When phone line of the use pushes * button in the case of "push line", input number may not be recognized. Please push only guidance number to use.

※As you may not be connected from some IP telephone, please rehang from Mobile phone.

We do not understand the usage of Expressway Bus net site.

We guide by "usage of site" of Expressway Bus net site or "common question" (Q&A).

We are subscribed, but cannot log in to Expressway Bus net site.

Please confirm this of Expressway Bus net site.

We canceled Reservation which settled WEB in Expressway Bus net. When will refund be?

By Sun which performed Reservation, cancellation (include cancellation, refund or change of change, the number of people of ticket) with teinichi and ticket of credit card company of contract customer, processing in credit card company is different. In addition, please confirm with use statement which credit card company issues as it may be refunded money to next month and yoku々tsuki depending on teinichi of credit card company. As you cannot understand the refund Sun in motor carrier, please refer to credit card company of the use.

 ※In addition, it is Expressway Bus net site and motor carrier window when credit card of the use is debit card

 It may take time after return of goods was completed of this before cancellation information arrives at credit card company.

 In the case of ignorance, it is question go about refund Sun by using debit card in credit card company of the use