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JR Tokyo Station

The Yaesu parroting truth


1-9-1, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Tokyo Station JR Expressway Bus terminal Bus Boarding Dock (Tokyo Station Yaesu Central Exit, the south exit)

Tokyo Station JR Expressway Bus oriba (Tōkyō Station Nihombashi Exit)

Means of transportation to the Yaesu south exit ticket section, window

Go out JR Tokyo Station getting off, Yaesu south exit wicket, and turn right at the Bus Boarding Dock, the right side of the ninth Boarding Dock ahead

※It is ten minutes from Sobu Line basement home

※It is ten minutes from Keiyo Line basement home

It is a 15-minute walk from subway Marunouchi Line Tokyo Station

It is a 5-minute walk from subway Ginza Line Kyobashi Station

It is a 15-minute walk from Subway Tozai Line Otemachi Station

The whole JR Tokyo Station map

Tokyo Station JR Expressway Bus terminal Bus Boarding Dock

JR Expressway Bus leaving Tokyo Station will depart all from Yaesu south exit Boarding Dock.

JR Expressway Bus Bus Boarding Dock guide map

List of Tokyo Station JR Expressway Bus Boarding Dock departure numbered wire

JR highway Bus Boarding Dock guidance

※Starting numbered wire of some flights may be different from list depending on line.
※As for the Boarding Dock, starting numbered wire may be changed by the situation of the day.
※On the use, please take after checking by guidance indication and guidance broadcast.

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After going out the Tōkyō Station Yaesu South Exit wicket; to Expressway Bus Boarding Dock

When you have ticket
  • Access from Tōkyō Station Yaesu South Exit to Bus Boarding Dock becomes more convenient.

  • We can confirm Bus Boarding Dock according to destination with Boarding Dock sign.

  • You confirm guidance indication of Boarding Dock, and please take.

When you do not have ticket
  • In the ticket section, you can buy ticket.

  • We are available with automatic ticket machine.

  • Change, refund come to window.

Facility, service

  • Waiting for space

    Please use for time to departure and wait.

  • Information counter

    We help with trip to customer of the use in Expressway Bus.

    ※We stop for the time being.

  • Locker

    Use Charge: It is available for daily small 400 yen/medium size 600 yen/large size 700 yen.
    Business hours 6:00~0:30

  • Stand

    Business hours 8:00~23:00

We push forward the making of Expressway Bus terminal toward facility which all customers are easy to use.

Tokyo Station JR Expressway Bus oriba (Tōkyō Station Nihombashi Exit)

As for the Bus coming in Tokyo Station, Nihonbashi Exit oribani will come all.

The JR Expressway Bus ticket section, window (Tōkyō Station Yaesu South Exit)

JR Expressway Bus window (business hours 6:00-0:30 ※)

 ※For prevention of coronavirus infection spread,

  Business hours become 6:00-0:00 for the time being. Please note.

At window, it releases each night coach line and seat reservation system lunch line flight.

Ticket releasing in Expressway Bus net can purchase even touch panel-type automatic ticket machine. (other than thousand-yen bill, we can use five thousand yen bill, ten-thousand yen bill, too. In addition, we can perform issuance of receipt toward the hope, too.)

In addition, customer of the use, please use window in proving (person with a disability Discount) various Discount.

About the handling of waiting for a cancellation

Waiting for a cancellation of night coach

・We are not performing waiting for a cancellation of night coach now.

Waiting for a cancellation (occasional acceptance) of one of diurnal Bus

About "Tomei Expressway highway Bus" (Nagoya line) "Boso canola flower" (Tateyama, Awa Shirahama, Kyuka Mura line) "Iwaki" (Iwaki Station, LAPARK Iwaki line) "hitachi" (cape line of Hitachi, Takahagi, communal lodge cormorant) "horse chestnut tree Tokyo (Sano line) ※" "Hitachiota, Hitachi-Omiya line", we perform the handling of waiting for a cancellation equally.

※Convenience with ride bus stop is excluded on the way.

Accept reference number vote at window. In addition, customer who does not have ticket, please buy ticket with number vote.