Riding on an Expressway Bus | Information such as how to use an expressway bus and details on chartered buses

Expressway Bus Guide

In addition to relatively affordable means of transportation and effective use of time with overnight services, expressway buses also offer a network of cities/sightseeing destinations as well as spacious seating enabled with high-grade buses. In addition, please use for trip or commuting, attending school by all means as we prepare for various types to amount of money and grade, use, and there are advantageous services such as the purchase Discount in Round Trip Discount and early stage.

In the north, the west links city, sightseeing spot of various parts of Japan in Expressway Bus in JR Bus Kanto to Shikoku from Aizu from Tokyo.

Here, we introduce the bus types and on board amenities/services of expressway buses operating both day and night.

Bus Types

・Double Decker (2-Story Vehicle)

  • Double-decker vehicle photograph
  • Double-decker inside of car photograph

A 2-story bus that boasts a spectacular view. Offers plenty of seating including that on the 1st floor.

Extra comfortable seating and a variety of on board amenities can be enjoyed on the Premium Dream Liner, the women-only Ladies' Dream Liner, and other double deckers.

・High Decker (High-Floor Vehicle)

  • haidekka vehicle photograph
  • haidekka inside of car photograph

Bus that is taller than a regular vehicle, and thus offering deluxe seating. The high-set floor allows for more space in the luggage compartment below the bus.

Bus Facilities/Services

  • Facilities photograph in the car
  • Facilities photograph in the car
  • Facilities photograph in the car
  • Facilities photograph in the car
  • Facilities photograph in the car

Blankets and other such amenities are available on board to ensure a comfortable ride on a long-route expressway bus. Furthermore, almost all buses are equipped with vacuum-type restrooms similar to those found on airplanes.

Depending on the bus type, other amenities such as digital TV, large screens, and large trunk space may also be available.